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Hello! I am Concha Calleja, writer and legal expert in forensic psychology and criminology; I have spent years investigating the true stories around a crime suspected of having been orchestrated. I focus on the cases with the greatest impact on international society, and I choose them based on the profile of the victim, the defendant or their difficulty in analyzing the investigation.

As an expert in criminology, I analyze the official versions, and contrast them with forensic, police, photographic documents and testimonies that can provide me with more information. Thus, I try to hunt down who lies to us...

In my professional beginnings, I carried out reports on archaeological excavations sponsored by the Archaeological Museum of Gavá (Barcelona), which led me to start in the world of the press, and to publish numerous articles in various media such as La Vanguardia, El Periódico, El Mundo newspaper, and the magazines Mundo Científico, La Clave, Cuadernos de Pedagogía, Historia y Vida and Historia 16 .

Two of my books, Cayetana, Duquesa de Alba and El álbum privado de la Duquesa de Alba, served as a script for the television series La duquesa, which was aired on Tele5. Also, the book La mujer morena, musa de Julio Romero de Torres served as the basis for the documentary that I presented, which was broadcast on Canal Sur TV.

I has collaborated in the Sabor a ti program of Antena 3, directed by Ana Rosa Quintana; in the social-political talk of Canal Sur TV Abre tu ventana by Tom Martín Benitez; in Tele 5, A tu lado and La Noria; in RN4 in the program Amb molt de gust by Silvia Tarragona; In Onda Cero "Al otro lado". In 2007 I participated daily in television, in Las mañanas de Cuatro by Concha García Campoy and, later in ''Espejo público'' of Antena 3, and as an expert in monarchies in several periods of TVE1 in the daily Las mañanas de la 1 .

My interests as a writer are in the historical novel and research, with the analysis of the characters from a psychological perspective.